Friday, December 3rd, 2010

09.00 00Ina Goy: Welcome

chair:11 Eric Watkins
00Mark Fisher: Metaphysics and Physiology in Kant’s Attitude Towards Theories of
00Preformation, comments by Peter McLaughlin
00Ina Goy: Epigenetic Theories: Caspar Friedrich Wolff and Immanuel Kant, comments by
10.10 00Marcel Quarfood
11.15 00coffee break
00Paul Ziche: Kant and the Challenge of Materialism: 18th-Century Debates and their
11.30 00
Reflection, comments by Siegfried Roth
13.00 00lunch

chair:11 Marcel Quarfood
15.00 00Rachel Zuckert: Organisms and Metaphysics: Kant’s First Herder Review, comments by
10.10 00Mark Fisher
16.00 00Angela Breitenbach: Biological Purposiveness and the Unity of Nature (CPJ Introductions,
16.00 00§§ 61–63), comments by Luca Illeterati
17.00 00coffee break
00Predrag Šustar: Kant’s Account of Biological Causation (CPJ §§ 64–66), comments by
10.10 00Hannah Ginsborg
19.30 00dinner

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

chair:11 Ina Goy
09.00 00Eric Watkins: Nature in General as a System of Purposes (CPJ § 67), comments by
10.10 00Angela Breitenbach
00Marcel Quarfood: The Antinomy of Teleological Judgment: What It Is and How It Is Solved
10.00 00(CPJ §§ 69–78), comments by Eric Watkins
11.00 00coffee break
00Philippe Huneman: Possibility, Necessity, and Purposiveness: The Metaphysical Novelties
11.15 00of the Critique of the Power of Judgment (CPJ §§ 76–77), comments by Thomas Teufel
12.45 00lunch

chair:11 Philippe Huneman
00Paul Guyer: Freedom, Happiness, and Nature: Kant’s Moral Teleology (CPJ §§ 83–84,
15.00 00
86–87), comments by Ina Goy
16.00 00Ernst-Otto Onnasch: The Role of the Organism in the Transcendental Philosophy of
10.10 00the Opus postumum, comments by Georg Toepfer10.10 00
17.00 00coffee break

00Luca Illeterati: Teleological Judgment between Technique and Nature, comments by
10.10 00
Rachel Zuckert
19.30 00dinner party for speakers and guests

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

chair:11 Paul Guyer
09.00 00The Watchmaker: Kant and the Argument from Design
09.30 00Hannah Ginsborg: Oughts without Intentions. A Kantian Account of Biological Function
10.10 00comments by Günter Zöller
10.30 00coffee break

10.45 00Peter McLaughlin: Mechanical Explanation
, comments by Paul Ziche
11.45 00Siegfried Roth: Kant, Polanyi, and Modern Molecular Biology, comments by Predrag Šustar
13.00 00lunch

The Role of the Organism in the Transcendental Philosophy of the Opus postumum